Trust Your Belongings in Our Care

State-of-the-Art Security

Security doesn’t just mean a fence, gate, and locks. Those are the bare minimum requirements, and at Magnolia’s Best Storage, we always aim to go above and beyond to deliver on your expectations. That’s why we make sure our security measures are also state-of-the-art!

  • Our manager lives on-site, providing an extra set of eyes on the facility.
  • Our security cameras are positioned throughout the facility and set to digitally record.
  • Each individual storage unit has its own alarm as an added security measure.
  • We limit gate access and use PIN codes for individual tenant access to the facility.

Security is a Top Priority

At Magnolia’s Best Storage, we understand that security is a top priority for our customers. 

We employ state-of-the-art technology and security measures to ensure your storage unit is always kept secure. 

With our resident manager and digital video recording, you can rest easy knowing your items are safe with us.

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